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Pet Dog Training

I am proud to be a full Member of the Institute of Modern Dog Trainers having passed a rigorous assessment in  2017 and continuing my professional development by attending many courses and seminars.


Force Free

I am now a Professional Member of the Pet Professional Network.  the Pet Professional Network is an international business support organisation for force free pet professionals.

Having undergone a personal assessment process, ensuring I meet their high standards, ethics and force free philosophy, I have been invited to join their supportive community and will continue to receive ongoing group coaching.   This will ensure I can give my clients the best ongoing support.


UK Sniffer Dog Coach

I am very proud to be an affiliated UK Sniffer Detection Dog Coach and I am now running Sniffer Dog Detection Workshops and Bronze Level Trials.

Exciting 2019


Essex County Shows

Looking forward to presenting the UK Sniffer Dogs stand at the County Shows

in Essex in May and September.  Come along and have a go!  Let your dog impress you with their skill! 

5th , 6th May and 28th, 29th Sept.

New 6 Week courses
Series 1 & 2
Places available from Easter.

121 client bookings

If you would like 121 training to help with training tips and advice to help with puppy training, loose lead walking, toilet training, recall and general trust and bonding contact



New Sniffer dog classes 

6 week courses

August 10th 2019  12 til 1

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UK Sniffer Dogs

Join us for a great workshop where you learn how to team up with your dog to sniff out the booty


Next classes  Saturday 10th August 12 til 1
Six weeks covering Series one and Two.

Detection Dog Series 1


Detection Dog Series 2

Begin to fine tune your skills. Add vehicle searches and novel environments.

Search the crime scene

A crime has been committed.  Can you and your dog find the missing swag?


Bronze Trial

Take part in our Bronze Trial and have great fun with your dog training. Earn a Badge and Rosette.

UK Sniffer Dogs

Getting Involved


Why get our pets involved with  scent work?   Scent is all encompassing in our dog's world.  Our dogs have the ability to somewhat shut out their other senses when they are searching for a scent.   The fact that our dogs allow  us into that world through their indications, on the find of the scent source, is really quite an incredible thing.    It strengthens the bond between us and our dog.  The partnership that you feel with your dog when they are on a scent is just incredible.

Dogs put a huge amount of energy into scent work.  This makes scent work tremendously good at providing satisfying mental stimulation, an invaluable tool for those who are unable to get out and about. 

All Breeds


Come and learn why all breeds can benefit from our scent work series.  Pet dogs  find it extremely calming and an amazing influence in their lives for the better.   Owners find it fun too!

Book Today


There are limited spaces available so early booking is advised.  Bring your dog along to our dog trainer for a Series 1  Scent Workshop, where they will  become part of  the  UK Sniffer Dog Team, for some great fun and learning.  Gain your Series 1 Certificate on completion of the workshop.  


new Dates to be announced soon

UK Sniffer Detection Dog Series 1

The Course will run from

 10 a.m until 2 p.m

KINDLY HOSTED BY 'Canine Connections' at Digswell Nurseries, Great North Road, Welwyn Garden City, AL8 7SR

Price for one dog and handler £75.00

UK Sniffer Dog Detection Series 2



Indication Improvement:  The Four 'D's'

Duration,  Distance,  Distraction and  Difficulty.

Introducing Novel Environments


Introducing vehicle searches, novel environments and bigger distractions.  Series 2 attendees will leave with all they need to prepare for a Bronze trial.

Moving on


Attendees who have completed Series 1 will be contacted with the next available date for Detection Dog Series 2


Pass Your Brozne Trial


Once you have gained a Series 1 and Series 2 Certificate you are eligible to enter a Bronze Trial! 

Vehicle Search


Blind Searches undertaken with time limits.  

Line up Bag Search 

Table and Chairs

Vertical Novel Area

Vehicle Search

Imagination abounds as you now move on to do silver and gold workshops. Crime scene is set, can you and your trusty UK Sniffer Dog find the loot?


Join in with the fun at UK SNIFFER DOGS Detection Series to work your way up the ranks!